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The Indiegogo for shatterdomeseattle has begun!

Yes, a Pacific Rim convention that is ON the Pacific Rim. Were you yelling in both excitement and rage that there were PacRim cons happening that were NO WHERE NEAR YOU (namely: not in the Pacific Northwest)? I was. Which is why I jumped to help make this thing happen.

So come join us, because Pacific Rim is awesome and Seattle is awesome and that’s pretty amazing to combine the two. Also, coffee. (And some of the cool stuffins you can get through the Indiegogo are made by me, geniusbee, and skylanth!)

(Quick doodle is done by me and features Kabiri, that random one off kaiju I made after remembering that Seattle did undergo a kaiju attack.)

Woo Lookit dat ART.

Shatterdome Seattle - A Pacific Rim Fan Convention



We’re pleased to announce that our funding campaign is now live! Donations especially critical before November 4! Please help us cancel the apocalypse, Pacific Rim style!

THIS IS HAPPENING!!! If you’re in the PNW or want an excuse to travel to the most beautiful city in the country, please consider donating some! There will be swag! Some of it I will be lending some art to! As well as the talents of the incredible alienfirst and skylanth

Step right up and get your tickets! Just want swag? We got that, too! Just want that kaiju throw pillow I made? We totally got that! Come to Seattle in May, dip your toes in the great Pacific Ocean, and spend the day with fellow Pacific Rim fans doing all kinds of nerdy, creative, gamerly, writerly stuff. There will be coffee, we know that much! Standard Seattle hospitality.

Took a corner too fast and spun out on an on ramp in Issaquah today. Fortunately it was early morning so no one was there to potentially join me in my unintentional 2 and a half donuts down the slope. Car gripped the road eventually and nothing was damaged, but moral of the story - roads are slippery in Seattle this weekend! Slow down a bit! And watch out for me…


Check out our amazing new logo, courtesy of alienfirst! Thanks for all your hard work!

Stay tuned for more information to come in the next few weeks, and if you’re at Geek Girl con, be on the lookout for us - we’ll be passing out flyers!

We are ON for May 3rd of next year! Stay tuned for Monday when we’ll be announcing some awesome stuff, yo! Shatterdome Seattle is gonna be a reality, you guys!

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